Entry #21

How's Newgrounds Been

2010-07-02 15:37:54 by MetalDart

I haven't been really active for the past two years or so. I really miss you guys and some of the members. I want to be active again, but I don't know if I'm past my prime. I may start a new account. I just kind of got tired after the whole redesign and NG achievements.

But yeah, how are you guys? Id want to post this on the general forum, but I think Id be banned.


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2010-07-02 16:09:26

I was displeased when I noticed neither of your accounts were active :(
Welcome back sort of!

(Updated ) MetalDart responds:

Haha yeah. Getting into college was the major thing on my mind and all my hard work has paid off. Now, I have some chill time so I'd like to get back into NG.

Oh, and of course, thanks for the nice welcome. Good to see you again JonBro. :)


2010-07-02 18:11:32

Alot of dogs got hurt and almost died and people donated money to help them. That's about it. Oh yeah. The chat's still not finished.


2010-07-02 23:29:34

Well hello there child.


2010-07-03 17:46:55

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