Entry #1

Flash Projects

2007-07-17 20:19:00 by MetalDart

Hello gang. I'd just like to update you guys with what current flash projects I am working on.

1) Bittersweet Symphony collab- My piece for the collab has been finished. I must say, I have worked with the most talented artists found on this site. most of them, haven't even reached their 20's yet, and they can already match television show quality. Keep a look out for this collab.

2) Scrubs- I am making a Flash for my favorite television show. This Flash cartoon began waaayyy back in February, but due to laziness, procrastination, real life, school, etc., it had to be put off. I am now getting back into it.

3) Wiggi World Contest- I am trying to make a game for the Wiggi World contest. However, I have never done action script before, and it is hard. I am trying to find someone who can do it for me. I am making graphics for now.

4) Parappa the Rapper Game- Originally made for the Rockout contest, but the person who made the code did not finish in time. I am angry, but I want to make it still. I do not want it to go to waste. It is like Parappa the Rapper on the Playstation, I think it will be fun.

5) Commercial Parodies- I plan on parodying commercials seen on television. I have voice acting and everything, I just need to animate it.

In a nutshell, I will be very busy. I am also looking for an Action Script partner. If you are interested, send me a private message. Thank you.


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2007-07-17 20:36:34

And what if we are interested in sexing you up ?

MetalDart responds:

Call me.


2007-07-17 20:39:35

Hey, 2nd comment n your first post! Lawl, am I cool now?

MetalDart responds:



2007-07-17 22:59:04

You sure seem to have a lot on your plate!

I can't wait to see the Scrubs flash!

MetalDart responds:

I really want to submit it to Newgrounds just as is. It is about halfway done, and I just want to cut it halfway off with something, but I want to finish it. I want it to be on NBC someday. :P


2007-07-18 00:01:07

Cool, I didn't know you were in Blamformers. I didn't know you made flash actually. And about that Cyndaquil...

MetalDart responds:

I almost completely forgot about the Pokemon Club with the redesign and all.
lol hold on


2007-07-18 00:12:22

Hold on for what?

MetalDart responds:

I was just reviewing the topic. Now, Id like to keep comments about my flashes here, not something that we can do somewhere else, k?


2007-07-18 00:22:12

The David Paul Experience.

First thing I thought when I saw this page. :)

MetalDart responds:

Wow. You're on for a change. I like that name, because it was my fake band's name.
You need banners and stuff for your page. :(


2007-07-18 01:22:00

Hey hey hey hey hey now, I wanna kiss your ass & collab with your sexy cock tooooo :'(

MetalDart responds:

Oh hello there numbers. :D
Id love to collab haha.


2007-07-18 01:57:22

Sounds good!!!! Can't wait to see them. :-)

I'm waiting on the Scrubs one the most.

MetalDart responds:

Awesome SevenSeize. Ive got another "fan" already. :D
I know we dont see each other around the forums much, (I rarely go to politics :C), but I'll be sure to keep ya updated!


2007-07-18 05:45:11

Oh my another comment! Looking forward to seeing some of yo sheeit yo.

PS: Include random smilies in your future news posts. You have to. It's like, the law.

MetalDart responds:

I will not include random smilies.


2007-07-18 11:46:30

Sup MetalDart.

MetalDart responds:

Sup Rooby. Im so glad to see you not in jail. :D


2007-07-18 16:55:47

Glad to see you have some stuff coming, as you have a fairly unique style and your stuff, though maybe not best drawn, you are superior when it comes to the animating aspect, so good luck with your stuff. I'd like to help you, but, yeah, you know. If you don't see me around, e-mail me a link on NG to your projects when you finish.

And some day in a while I can get back here and ork with you. Lots of <3,

MetalDart responds:

I want you to stay around on NG. You've got a great style as well, and I want you to unleash your potential here on NG.


2007-07-18 21:02:55

You'd better not forget to put the janitor into your Scrubs flash. He's cool.

So, yo yo yo, how's it going, man?

MetalDart responds:

Janitor is definately going to be in it, don't you worry.
Besides Flash, I'm doing alright. Just enjoying my summer mostly.


2007-07-18 22:12:41

I'd also have to share this. for LULZ MAN

Todd sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf
still claiming to be better than Metaldart? o.O
Decade (Perry)
um why?
his transformers peice sucks

Todd sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf
and your animations fly, FLY right past his, eh?
Decade (Perry)
Yup : D

Todd sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf
Hi I am Dr. Todd Mitchell, today I will be treating you.
You have a case of head in arse disease
Decade (Perry)
nah I just think his humans are terrible, his animation is tweened, he just is a lazy bitch

Todd sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf
I'll still need to treat you

MetalDart responds:

Wow. What a dick.


2007-07-19 11:45:58

Still want that preloader. Ohwell take mine http://denvish.net/ulf/190707/63917_n g_simple_preloadermod7.fla
If you've seen this on the forum you should know that i've edited it, again. So it's actually pretty neat by now. free!


2007-07-19 16:18:10

Sounds cool man. Keep on truckin' MD.

MetalDart responds:

As if I would ever stop truckin'.


2007-07-19 20:48:46

About 4), I'm so happy that your going to make a flash like that, in my opinion, that game was one of my childhood games, I used to play that game a lot, and seeing a fan, I'm so happy :*)

MetalDart responds:

I'm just looking for someone now that knows how to code it.


2007-07-21 00:57:39

Fart in my hat then put it on

MetalDart responds:

At least it's not your mom's dildo.


2007-07-21 01:00:18

Cool. Look forward to them.

I might check back regularly.

Provided I don't accidentally check your alt's userpage instead of this one.

MetalDart responds:

lol I hope you remember to check this page. :O


2007-07-21 02:38:24

I think you should put pupils in your characters eyes.

MetalDart responds:

I've tried, and I just like this look more. Maybe because it's a different change of pace for me, I dunno.

I may try it soon though.


2007-07-21 13:43:03

Parappa the Rapper?



MetalDart responds:



2007-07-22 00:34:01

You know what metaldart. We should do a project together, give me one last kick at the cat in animating. I have a whole month where I can pretty much canimate past 10:30 when I normally get home.

MetalDart responds:

We should.


2007-07-23 05:40:16


MetalDart responds:

Thank you for the best comment so far.


2007-07-23 17:32:53

I had band camp today.

It was somewhat boring, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

MetalDart responds:

Band camp doesn't sound fun.
At all. ):

I'm glad I'm wrong. :D


2007-07-24 16:45:32

Thanks for the thread man.

I really appreciate it.


MetalDart responds:

Haha, no problem. <3


2007-07-26 03:25:57

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store with these projects. ;)

MetalDart responds:

Yay pressure! :D
Haha, I'll be sure to do my best.

PS: Glad you enjoyed those comics. :P